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Jeff Harding
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    Hi Endy… we are going to jump right in with some practical aspects and actions to take immediately…

    Keep in mind that self confidence is a general perspective or a “result” of your emotions, beliefs and behaviors so you will have to drill down a bit to address those emotions, beliefs and behaviors and then you can shift that confidence from low to high.

    Let's start with what you shared in terms of beliefs you hold and beliefs you have accepted from others:

    • I NEVER feel confident
    • I'm not confident enough
    • I'll fail terribly no matter what
    • if i stay like this i won't be able to achieve anything in my life
    • it'll be harder to change myself and be more confident later so I have to change that now
    • [/list]Not very helpful in being self confident when you hold those beliefs as true, are they?

      Some Assessment
      Let's take one of those and drill down a bit… “I NEVER feel confident” … you will have to do this by sitting quietly, no distractions, with a note pad and ask questions like this of your mind and wait for answers:

    • Why do I never feel confident?
    • What makes me feel as if I have no confidence?
    • Why do I not have any confidence?
    • [/list]What may come to your conscious mind:

    • Emotions – Memories of feeling low confidence and self esteem… when these memories arise, jot them down and note what emotions come with them and rate the intensity on a scale of 0-10 … consider and be aware of memories concerning being bullied, criticized, abused, embarrassed, past failures, being teased, making mistakes.  If you have a long list, notice the ones that you feel are most impactful and begin there.  If you're using the CT's for the first time, you might choose some “easier” or less intense ones to 'get your feet wet.'
    • Beliefs and Behaviors – Thoughts, statements for example, you may “hear in your mind”; 'I can't be confident because I am purple.'  As these thoughts comes up, jot them down.  Most of these will probably come up as beliefs or behaviors.
    • [/list]Toolbox
      Now, once you have some notes from your assessment above, you can begin to get to “work” on them… er… play! ;D  So, you will pull out your PSTEC Toolbox and apply the appropriate tool to the issue you wish to shift or release.

      When you have memories with emotions, follow the CT instructions and CT them until they are down to 0-1.  You can also use the EEF's that are a part of the Level 1 Package or, also, the Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT).

      Beliefs and Behaviors
      When you have these thoughts that are limiting, craft a new PSTEC Positive Statement according to Tim's instructions with PP and then use either PP tracks, PP Extra Power or, again, the ATT (yes, you can use the ATT's for either emotions or beliefs and behaviors… they go both ways.).

      You can also take those beliefs I listed above from your post and craft PP Statements in the opposite direction of those and use PP on those new statements.
      But, keep in mind, in addition to those more general statements, you want to address your more specific beliefs with specific PP Statements.

      As you go through this, be extra aware and sensitive to noticing even the subtle changes in your self confidence and then look to see what you can do with confidence that you previously found difficult and, when you do, don't start out with stellar changes; just go with something simple to “practice” on, so to speak.

      So, again…

      2.CT the emotional memories
      3.Use PP on shifting the beliefs

      Simple, yah?

      If you are stuck and have difficulty, you may find a practitioner to guide you along and get you going an excellent idea.

      Aloha nui!