Reply To: algorithm needed for clarity


    Hi Mallory
    There is no algorithm to get started really. At it core it is the following:
    If something makes you feel bad use the click tracks on it.
    If something doesn't make you feel good use PStec positive to instill a positive belief to it, e.g. I will be motivated to revise, I feel relaxed when making a presentation etc
    You can use the accelerators to speed things up.
    The other tracks you can use them as they apply to you.

    The core PStec tracks are general purpose. They can be used for anything. Writing a manual/algorithm for them is the equivalent of writing a manual/algorithm for life. It's not possible. It's up to the individual to decide how much time they want to put in it and what areas of life they want to target. You can use it for every aspect of your life if you want.

    If you want to plan it would by definition have to be a custom plan. You can either create it yourself or get someone to help you. You could ask a friend or family or you could work with a professional therapist/counsellor/life coach but of course they'd have to learn about PStec themselves or rely on your understanding of it. Or you can hire a trained/certified PStec Practitioner which you can find on the PStec Register.

    Hope that helps