Reply To: Obsessive Intrusive Thoughts


    Here's some suggestions:
    You said you had a horrible thought that jolted you awake. You should use the click tracks and accelerators on that.

    Next bring up the memory of the next day, the moment when you started obsessing about it and use the click tracks and accelerators on that.

    The click tracks and accelerators are designed work on emotions. You don't need to use words. They work with memories or imagined scenarios. So during the click track you're focusing on the memory/trigger, the emotion and the tapping.

    For changing negative beliefs first write the negative belief, then write the opposite. You can optimise this according to the instructions in PP Secrets. Then run the PStec Positive track on the positive belief. Note it is best if there feels to be some truth to the belief. The more true you believe it is, the better PStec Positive will work. If you can't believe it at all you could pretend to believe it. Or try a different belief that sounds more reasonable to you.

    Also, instead of just changing what you say to yourself, change the way you say it. How would you speak to your child? You'd probably be really nice. So resolve to use a kind tone of inner voice from now on. You could use PStec Positive with something like “My happiness is my responsibility.” Then just as you'd automatically be compassionate to your kid because you see it as your responsibility you can start automatically being kind to yourself now. If you use a kind tone of voice, any negative thoughts will sound strange and you'll start rejecting them and instead kind words and feelings will start to flow.

    Hope this helps.