Reply To: Obessive thinking of an lost love


    When i say i keep getting new memories of new stuff i mean i think of a place or a thing we did together memories of our time together , Driving in my car its like a barrage of constant thoughts of her , like today i had to pass by her house where she visits at weekends to her parents i was sick with anxiety , ,A ll day i have been so down ,about eveything due to the unhappniess and depression , i know she was a lovey person and the breakup was a shock to me , this is a pattern that has plaqued me all my life , i have been trying to address the deeper issues about why the relationship s i have been i dont work is because i met people who are going to reject m because i do not know how to love properly as i do not love msyelf , and as for lonlyness i feel i need someone to make me happy as i am not happy with me,  i do not love my self as i was rejected by my parenst ass a child , . thank you for your reply , any more advice would be much appreciated
    Regards Eddie