Reply To: Obessive thinking of an lost love

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Eddie… you have some patterns or themes going on within your mind that are manifesting in your life…

    Emotions – Begin working through some of the emotional issues … these are all specifics you can begin to CT:

    For example… these are all memories that you can address with the CT's as far as the emotions are concerned…

    • pass by her house where she visits at weekends to her parents i was sick with anxiety
    • breakup was a shock to me
    • rejected by my parents as a child
    • [/list]As you CT those, other memories may arise and when they do, jot them down, add them to your list and CT those as well.

      Make the emotional clearing… your CT work … your primary concern right now… lower the emotional upset and clarity will be allowed to follow for you.

      Beliefs are another area to consider, but DO NOT skip over the emotional issues I mentioned above.

      Beliefs… these are addressed with PSTEC Positive… take a look at these beliefs that come out in your last post…

    • i meet people who are going to reject me because i do not know how to love properly
    • i do not love myself
    • i need someone to make me happyi am not happy with me
    • [/list]With some of these, it will be best to delve a little deeper into “why” you are unhappy with yourself… why you can't love yourself, etc.

      Those are some very specific aspects you can begin working through.

      When you clear some memories issues and you feel better or at least neutral, finish your PSTEC session with a PP Statement that states how you wish to think and feel… move in the opposite direction of those statements above.

      Aloha nui loa!

      PS Remember, if obsession with your lost love is really tough, follow that link I posted in my last post to you.