Reply To: Obessive thinking of an lost love


    Hi Jeff
    I have been CTing alot of different memories that cause me the emotions which are sadness and anxiety ,  I have so many memories of our relationship each time a new memorys pop into my head while working on a specific memory in our relationship . So what i am saying is so many thoughts with her in them come into my head while CT ing another , i am working alot on the emotions of indivdual memories such as things we have done places we have been and the like , however i still wake up everyday feeling so sad and down and the memorys start flooding in as soon as i open my eyes , i have also used the POS tracks to say things like , I am happy while i am not in a relationship , I do not need her in my life , i am happy on my own , i love myself and feel free , so basically i am struggling still because of the huge attachment i have to her in my head , If you could she a little more light on how best perhaps i might avail of my time with PESTEC for better results i would be most grateful

    Regards Eddie