Reply To: Falling asleep during Click Tracks

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    “I assume the information is still going into the subconscious”

    It is to a degree, but the words Tim is suggesting to the subconscious only work to the degree that you are concentrating on the aspects he instructs; i.e. the memory/imagined event, TRYING HARD to feel the feeling, and tapping to the clicks and tones.

    So, let's say you fall asleep for the entire track.  Sure, there are some positive suggestions Tim makes that will help you, but the issue that you are targeting may not be affected much without you concentrating on those aspects of the issue.

    But, if it's only a few seconds where either you fall asleep or “zone out”; it's ok, just refocus to those three aspects of the issue and continue.  In fact, most times, you will find the feelings fading and it's most effective if you keep TRYING to feel the feelings despite them fading away.

    And, if needed, after the track, you reassess and still have some emotional charge, just run the track again until it's 0-1!