Reply To: Is there a way to use the click tracks

Meghan Saunders

    Hello Rebecca

    Do you happen to have any noticeable emotions around not writing?  Like does that make you feel ? ? ? 

    See if you can connect with some sort of negative feeling(s) in yourself when you think about — WHY did I stop writing — UGH…..


    As a side mark — let's say you just do not “feel” anything connected to this particular situation – – – try to connect to the way you would feel if you were “feeling frustrated” for instance…. arrgh!

    Now take that frustrated feeling – connect with it and use the free click tracks or EEFs & while connecting with the emotion & ask yourself – “WHY have I stopped writing” — keep asking yourself this question throughout the click track – while listening to Tim and concentrating on the negative feeling as well ==== see if this brings anything up for you or creates a shift.

    I don't know which audios you own but this technique works really well with the PSTEC Accelerators – – –  but I have gotten good results running it with the basics and EEFs as well.

    {OH — a note from Tim:

    Good luck — please report back any insights or progress