Reply To: Any advice for an emotion that seems "stuck"?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Rebecca!

    Shame, like any emotion/feeling, can be generalized and/or very specific.  Quite often, we want to address it generally because we fear seeing the ugly details and, many times, with PSTEC, you don't have to be too specific.  But, if the feelings persist, then you may have to.

    Delve a little deeper about the shame.  You now have a specific clue about the shame in Tim's words, “you know you have to lose weight” … ask yourself:

    * Why does it bother me when he says that?
    * Have I heard similar words before?
    * Who and what does that remind me of?

    See what that awareness reveals … look for specifics and then CT those specifics.

    You can even use Tim… imagine him saying that to you personally … rate the feeling of shame … then CT while TRYING HARD to feel the shame and keeping that imagined event of him personally saying that to you while doing your best to keep up with the clicks and tones.

    Make sense?

    Welcome the specifics because they are the communication from the subconscious about what needs to be addressed and, then, address them with the CT's or EEF's.