Reply To: Any advice for an emotion that seems "stuck"?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Rebecca… Ah, no absolutely DO NOT repeat sentences during the Click Tracks. There is one exception we have talked about here on the forum and that's the “Why Technique” but that is not something you do in a “normal situation” but to invoke more info or details so that you can target your Click Tracks more specifically.

    To emphasize what Tim says…

    DO NOT try and merge PSTEC with other methods (nor vice versa) and DO NOT apply other methods' processes to PSTEC.  Follow Tim's directions specifically and literally.

    For example, many people feel they cannot get PSTEC to work because they can't feel the feeling during the Click Track (CT).  But, if you notice, Tim does not tell you to feel the feeling during the CT, but to TRY HARD to feel the feeling.  It's not important to feel it, but to TRY HARD.  Big difference.

    So, regarding your issue there, delve a bit more deeply so that you can target some specifics with the CT's.

    I'm feeling shame about about something

    What do you feel shame about?  Do you have memories of that or the imagined event of doing something in the future that you feel ashamed about possibly doing?

    Maybe you have multiple memories of feeling shamed… when did it all start and/or what was one of the biggest memories of being shamed?

    When you run the CT, you will focus on 3 things:

    • One of those memories or imagined events,
    • TRYING HARD to feel the shame
    • Do your best to keep up the tapping with the clicks and tones.
    • [/list]That's it… just those 3 aspects are focused on during the track.

      After the instructions, you do not want to be listening to Tim's voice as he is speaking to your subconscious regarding the issue you are focusing on.  If you are listening to everything Tim says on the track, you are not focusing on those 3 aspects and not concentrating properly to get the most effective use of the CT's.