Reply To: obsessed!

Meghan Saunders

    Hello psteckie –

    I've read through your post a few times and trying to come up with the best use of words to help you.

    First off I suggest you sort your 'feelings' from 'your beliefs'.

    For instance, “seeing her, checking my phone and not seeing a message from her, memories,”  these things stir up emotions and feelings – – – use the FEELINGS & connect with them during the click tracks (Free & EEFs).  Also, observe yourself, when checking your phone for instance – do you FEEL badly first or do you think something first – and then feel badly.

    The other things you mentioned mostly involve your beliefs. . .
    For example I think/feel: I will never have someone like her again… she was the best for me and now i have lost her… my life is rubbish without her and i am mean-spirited for losing her… She is punishing me and has the right to do so…. she can be without me but i can't be without her…. i don't deserve her….

    In this case, your thinking (beliefs) causes the negative feelings.  When you are able to change your beliefs, your thoughts change and you will no longer create the negative feelings.  The beliefs can be worked with using pstec positive & positive extra power

    Some of what you've listed in the beliefs section may actually involve fear – fear of not finding a good mate, fear of not being good enough for a good mate…. you might benefit from trying to connect with that emotion/feeling (fear) – – – not the thoughts, but the feelings they trigger.  Work through the click tracks (free & EEFs).  Old images, thoughts or memories might pop up that you can use to work with to clear more barriers.

    You can also use Pstec Positive to coin phrases like:  “When I think of (name) I now feel at peace”,  “When I think of (name) I now feel hopeful about my future”,  “I can now stop thinking about (name)” – – – “I no longer feel the need to check my phone”, “Whenever I think about (name) now,  I immediately switch my thoughts to something positive”

    Make up phrases that are the opposite of your current beliefs.

    “Consciously I know these thoughts (BELIEFS) are false and it is a question of time for them to go away but I would like to take the emotion out of these thoughts/memories…

    When it is feelings – – always do your best to connect with them and run them through the CT's.  Once you have minimized the sting – – change your thoughts/beliefs that cause you to feel negative emotions/feelings and creative opposing new beliefs and “install” them with pstec positive & pstec positive extra power tracks.

    Do let us know about your success and progress.