Reply To: obsessed!


    As an update. I used the click tracks to eliminate a lot of the negative feelings i had about this person and i actually feel that it worked (i was surprised to be honest)… i didn't need the pstec positive to change my beliefs because i didn't feel i needed to — the beliefs were a result of the negative emotions and once the negative emotions were dissolved then the beliefs disappeared too.

    however, i stopped to the ct (as i felt i had got over the problem) and over time i have slid back into feelins of obsession about this person again… which is rather disappointing. I am going to start doing the CT again (already did it last night and once during the day today) to clear it… however, it is difficult to pin-point the emotion and the trigger for the emotion… it is just a vague obsessive yearning… can u advise on what i should focus on in order to clear the emotion? the problem is that when i try to recall it then it is rather anemic… it is only when it hits me at time during the day that it is really powerful… it is difficult to recreate those occasions…