Reply To: obsessed!

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi psteckie… there may be a couple of issues that “seem” like they are returning or they be be completely different thoughts and feelings.

    “just a vague obsessive yearning “

    Ask some questions of yourself, such as:
    Why are you obsessed with this person?
    What will happen if you never get together with this person again?
    What are you missing by not being with this person?

    So, for example, let's say you come up with, “I will never find anyone again”…
    in that sentence is a belief … you see?

    And, beliefs are addressed with PSTEC Positive by crafting a new belief that moves you in the opposite direction of the limiting belief.  So, for this example, if you wish, you might use: “I feel patient because I will find the ideal partner in perfect timing”… or something like that.

    Prior to using PP on that, you may have some negative feelings… say fear… about being alone.  If so, imagine being alone, TRY HARD to feel the fear and CT it.  Then, when it's 0-1, go to your PP and address the belief.

    You see?

    Now, keep in mind also, “difficult to recreate those occasions”… when it comes to working on emotions, you do not have to feel the feeling or emotion while running the CT, you only have to TRY HARD to feel it.  Big difference!

    Look at beliefs though… see what conclusions come up as the result of asking why you feel obsessed about this person.