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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Ah, great example!!!

    This is interesting…

    Note that you talk about how you feel about this person as, “rather like an addiction… some kind of psychological dependence… well the fact is that I no longer want to be emotional attached to this person but I cannot rid myself of this warm feeling that I have when i think of them — i.e. the emotional attachment.”

    Then, you mention it as being a positive feeling.

    Are you sure about that?

    My mind model says that if I am addicted to ANYTHING, then it's disempowering… it's limiting me.  So, I would call being obsessed about ANYONE as being a negative feeling and limiting belief.

    So, keep this in mind… the PSTEC Click Tracks (and EEF's) will work to neutralize ANY emotion you are focusing on, even what you are calling a positive emotion.

    Another example that is very effective… again, in terms of an addiction… would be the excitement of winning at the slot machine.  You can CT the excitement and neutralize the feeling associated with playing the slots.

    You see?


    “My question then is this: should I use the ct and focus on this “positive” feeling of warmth and attachment when i think of this person? … can i scramble it and weaken it with CT?”


    Also, with relationship obsessions and addictions, quite often, some beliefs that help support it are…

    I can't live alone
    I will be alone F-O-R-E-V-E-R
    I will never find anyone as _____________ as that
    I will never find anyone
    I'm not good enough to get someone that is ____________

    You see?  Those types, and others, of beliefs fuel our decisions to believe that we will find True Peace and Joy with someone that is not ideal.  In Truth, we do this because we are not operating with an ideal mind model.  Shift the mind model to a powerful one… a self-sufficient one … one that operates on Universal Truths … and you won't make those decision any longer.

    If you respect, believe and trust in yourself… including your True Self… your magnificence and beauty … then you will attract those that also see that in you and even revel in it… you will be able to share the vision of each other's Truth and Perfection rather than trying to get some outside fulfillment from each other that never lasts or comes with a dose of pain… sometimes quite large doses.  :) 

    Carry on… you were on the right track before you even posted here!  ;D

    Aloha ia O'Koa Pa'ulo!
    (When we meet in Love…We Shall Be Whole!)