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    Hi Vorith… on the Free Basic Package with the Click Tracks, let’s actually make this easier on you…  When it comes to any free packages with PSTEC, you can always
    “order” a new one… no limits. :- )

    So, visit the website again on this page…
    … click on the big red button and you will immediately be redirected to a new Delivery Page with fresh links.

    [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]The main problem i have is that I cannot remember techniques in the heat of the moment.[/color]
    Always begin by seeing if there are any emotions in the way … imagine not remembering … or maybe you have memories of not remembering the techniques… how does that feel?

    Remember, if you feel non-JEEP (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace), CT it.  So, if you feel unpleasant about forgetting, CT it until it's 0-1.

    Then, when you feel quite neutral about forgetting, craft PP Statements about remembering and performing, such as:

    “When I step on the mat I easily remember my techniques”

    “When I step on the mat I easily and quickly perform my techniques”

    Remember, imagine your ideal scenario… practice it in your mind … and also describe that scenario and the characteristics you desire to BE in PP Statements and then continue using PP Tracks to “drill them into” your subconscious.

    Another suggestion for this is Tim's Peak Performance Package… great package for shifting your mind for success for a specific endeavor.