Meghan Saunders

    Hello psteckie – – – I wrote a reply to you last night but the computer ate it  :'(

    I said similar things to Jeff and to your other post I replied to.

    From things you wrote: 

    • This is partly due to not drilling those techniques enough and having not committed them to muscle memory,

      * but even some techniques which are well drilled do not come during sparring/competition.

      Also, I feel sometimes I lack awareness in my game and cannot see what the most “logical” option is…

    • [/list]

      Essentially, these are beliefs. 

      Follow Jeff's suggestions regarding clearings and then when you get neutral you can use the above list along with Jeff's comments to coin new pstec positive statements that counter balance these.

      These ideas came to mind:

      I am now gaining awareness in my game and can better see what the most “logical” option is

      I now have acute awareness in my game and can always see the most “logical” option

      You can also use them to increase your desire to drill your skillz so that you are more excited about doing them or finding the time to do them

      I now enjoy drilling in my BJJ techniques and committing them to muscle memory
      I now have the time I need to master my BJJ skills and performance

      When you use the non-tapping pstec positive track – try to imagine that you are already the best and what that feels like.  If during your journey you are taking a walk – imagine that 'that you' taking the walk is already a peak BJJ performer – – – connect with how great that feels, connect with the confidence…. connect with positive feelings while you are repeating your new positive statements.