Reply To: Blushing. My story/progress with PSTEC

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Blush101 … ok, first off, let's change that username … in other words, stop identifying yourself as “one who blushes” or a “blusher” or anything like that.  :)
    Now, I say that kidding around a bit, but there is also truth in that.  It's not just about the emotions, but about beliefs and behaviors.

    As you said,  “Pstec is awesome” … one of the reasons for this is the manner in which Tim has created the tracks.  One aspect is that he specifically is addressing emotions in one manner and belief and behaviors in another manner.

    So, the comment I made about “not identifying yourself with blushing” is about beliefs as well and the use of PSTEC Positive to shift those.

    In Tim's Blushing Tutorial he talks about how to use PSTEC Positive … and he does emphasize the use of PP for blushing … for blushing issues.

    Have you use PP yet? (In your post you don't talk about PP, beliefs or behaviors)
    Have you checked out Tim's tutorial on Blushing?
    There is also an interview I did with someone regarding their blushing issues… you can find it on this page…