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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Steve… absolutely, especially if you are using PSTEC for extended length of time or using it regularly in your mind expansion for your life.

    Remember, the two main helpful aspects of the Accelerators are:
    1. To amplify the effectiveness of all the other PSTEC tracks.
    2. To help reveal to your conscious mind the aspects of emotions, beliefs and behaviors regarding the issues that are the barriers to manifesting your life of desires and/or purpose.

    … and there are more.

    But, here is an example from an email I just received today regarding how the Accelerators can help to reveal more about how you can more effectively target your PSTEC tools (note: I have omitted some details here to make the story generic, but the use of the Accelerators is apparent here):

    “I quickly began to feel burned out. This morning, I decided to do something about this, and so I turned once again to my PSTEC toolbox.

    I basically sat down and started to focus on how I was feeling, and I had an instinct to run the long version of the relaxation accelerator, which I did. Just before the track finished, I got a very clear impression of the [problem] for the first time , and so I knew exactly what feelings to work on.

    I then ran one of the enhanced effectiveness click tracks whilst focusing on memories of recent situations where I had felt out of control or had over-reacted, and I rated it as a 9 out of 10. The feelings that came up during the enhanced track were quite literally that I was going to crash, and they were very intense. By the end of the track, they were completely gone. All the build up and trauma from almost a year of fighting [for my rights and the rights of my family] … resolved in around 45 minutes.

    The best part was the fact that my [family member] …after seeing me go into my room to use the PSTEC tracks, and then come out again less than an hour later, she literally could not believe the difference! I feel as though a 100 ton weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and it feels truly liberating.”

    So, while the Accelerators are not required, they certainly give you another great advantage in discovering the true cause of issues and and also speeding up your efforts in changing your mind model to one of unlimited possibilities.