Reply To: About click-tapping "current circumstances" than "memories"/"imagined outcomes"

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Snowy…

    If I give the example, “I hate my boss”, it might be easy to remember all the times that he's been mean to you, and you could tap on those memories.
    Another point here is that “I hate my boss” is also a belief. So, you definitely want to approach the feelings and emotions toward your boss with the CT's and/or EEF's.  Also, you can approach the belief aspects with PP after you feel a bit more neutral, with one or more PP Statements, such as:
    “My boss is doing the best he/she can under the circumstances”
    “I will continue to do my best work no matter how my boss acts”

    Of course, those depend upon what your objective is, but I am assuming you still want to do a good job at work and want to be able to operate despite someone else's issues and behavior.  To me, this whole mind and work with our fellow humans is about us becoming more and more imperturbable.

    Alright, sorry about the tangent…

    Could this be click-tracked? Focusing on the current circumstance? Will the subconscious, if I keep click-tracking, reveal the related memories, if any, spontaneously?
    Absolutely, as you persist when you are not quite sure where to go, quite often, CT on what you do know and the subconscious will eventually reveal itself and the aspects around the issue.

    But, before you move in that direction, Here are some other suggestions as well…

    *use the Accelerators as they encourage the subconscious to reveal more.
    *Delve into the subconscious a bit deeper through questions.  Now, doing this yourself is a bit more challenging but if you persist and truly “get quiet” when you ask the questions, you might just amaze yourself.  :)

    Ask questions, for example, on your issues:

    The boss issue:
    *Why do I hate my boss?
    *What did my boss do to bother me so much?
    *Why do mean people bother me?

    You see, begin to find the cause within your mind model of why you feel this way… where did it all start… at what point did your mind conclude that you should be bothered by this.

    Make sense?

    On the girlfriend issue:

    *Why don't I have a girlfriend?
    *Why do feel so lonely?
    *Why do I think I could never get married?
    *Why do I feel stuck?

    Also, you have some beliefs in there…
    I am really lonely
    I will never get married

    Some might say, 'Well, I am lonely!  Look, no one is around me… I am lonely!'
    But, the truth is that you may be alone, but lonely is a condition of the mind… a perception … and with that perception of loneliness, you will only perpetuate being alone for one of many reasons, including that loneliness begets desperation and desperation leads to relationships that are fragile.  Make sense?

    So, there are approaches to this … Walk the path of discovery more strategically and “detached” by observing how you react and how you think and then apply Tim's Tools to the various aspects … CT's/EEF's for emotions and PP and PP Extra Power for beliefs and behaviors.

    Malama Pono!
    (take care, be Right)