Reply To: About click-tapping "current circumstances" than "memories"/"imagined outcomes"


Thank you so much, Jeff. You are so kind to reply. I REALLY appreciate your answer. Thanks again for your help. Thanks also for the tip on PSTEC Positive (I have it + Extra Power), but it seems that you need to clear negative emotions around the belief first before you change it.

One reason I asked this question was confused on if we should attempt to stay away from “current circumstance negative emotions” in favor of “memory/imagined event negative emotions”.

This was important to me because of the following example.

But thanks to your answer, if I understand correctly, I feel more confident that “current circumstance negative emotions” are also acceptable items for PSTEC Click Tracks. Though I will also focus on memories/imagined outcomes if I am able elicit feelings from them, and also continue working with the Accelerators and try to discover myself with strategic questions as you said.

Made-up example:

– I think: I am fat
(Can identify negative feelings and also curse myself)

– I try to recall: Memories in which I think people ignored me because I was fat
(Cannot identify negative feelings, or they are very weak)

– I try to imagine: People ignoring me because I am fat
(Cannot identify negative feelings, or they are very weak)

I may just be remembering/imagining the wrong things (or the right things but having few feelings). But it's sometimes hard to think of anything else that might be the issue.