Reply To: About click-tapping "current circumstances" than "memories"/"imagined outcomes"

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome!

    on PSTEC Positive (I have it + Extra Power), but it seems that you need to clear negative emotions around the belief first before you change it.
    It's a good rule of thumb, but not an absolute.  Most times though, yes, at least in the moment you will be running a PP track, have your emotions at least significantly lowered.

    I feel more confident that “current circumstance negative emotions” are also acceptable items for PSTEC Click Tracks.

    I will also focus on memories/imagined outcomes
    Keep in mind not to “try so hard” to focus on one or the other.  Take and move with what comes to consciousness from the subconscious.  Just be open, observe, see what comes that is unpleasant (whether emotions, behaviors or beliefs) and then, once you have assessed something that is an “error in thinking” to your intended desire or goal of living, then address it with the appropriate PSTEC Tool.

    if I am able elicit feelings from them
    Keep in mind, when you run a CT on a memory or imagined event (past, present or future  :) ), you don't have to “feel the feeling” you only have to TRY HARD to feel it… big difference!  So, you may have a memory and you know it has an emotional rating of a “5” but you just can't feel it in the moment, that's ok.  Just TRY HARD to feel it.  Also, focus on the most upsetting aspect of the event; the person's look, tone of voice, your opinion of their behavior, etc.  What's the “ugliest” or most upsetting part?

    – I think: I am fat(Can identify negative feelings and also curse myself)
    Keep in mind, yes, you probably have emotional feelings, but you also have a belief there.

    – I try to recall: Memories in which I think people ignored me because I was fat(Cannot identify negative feelings, or they are very weak)
    Again, you only have to TRY HARD to feel them.

    And, use of the Accelerators can help greatly… be patient with yourself and be willing to look at ANYTHING in your mind model that is unpleasant… not to dwell on them or “make them real”… but to heal them.

    Aloha nui!