Reply To: How to know when subconscious is prodding ?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha requin!

    First, let's consider what “shape” the subconscious is in… is your mind in harmony and whole?  Or, does it feel as though sometimes your mind is pulling you in various directions and not all thoughts are on the same page?

    Your ultimate goal should be to have your conscious and subconscious minds on the same page… and throw in your superconscious or “Higher Self” (depending upon how you define and see that) and you will find all aspects of your life flowing with more ease and JEEP!

    If you are not in harmony, then that is not the time to make a decision because, if you are not in harmony… if your mind is not whole … and you may be making decisions from a source of fear and limiting beliefs that emanate from the subconscious.

    In Wealth of Abundance, Tim also recommends using the CT's to clear emotional aversions and attachments so that when that nudge comes, it comes from a source of Mind that is Whole and guiding you to your Highest Good and also for those around you.  Also, it makes suggestions, like through the use of Wealth of Abundance, more acceptable to the sub.

    For example…

    When you say, “…a breakup that happened about 7 weeks ago that I really did not want or see coming!  I want more love, esp from my ex…”

    This appears to be a statement from a source in your mind of fear, especially when adding another one of your comments…

    I'm afraid to break that no contact and risk bothering him but I don't want to miss a chance

    You see?

    Without getting into all the emotions and beliefs that are driving you toward “love” in this and other situations … (That would take a bit more delving and time because, quite often, we are in search of attention that will ratify that someone on the outside approves of us; and we call this “love” when, often, they find something in common, intrigues them, satisfies a need, etc… and the “love” is fleeting or not really present … these types of searches for love usually lead us to be hurt at some point as the person changes their mind about their preferences and now rejects us.) …

    When it comes to decisions, best to be sure you are clear of emotional attachments and aversions.  In other words, if you are deciding that you want to approach this person and are afraid of any answer other than “yes”; then best to be clear of that fear before deciding.  Do your best to align your mind toward wholeness and harmony.

    On your issue, imagine he rejects your offer… just imagine it … now, how does that feel?  Any negative feelings or emotions?  If so, take that imagined event, focus on it and TRY HARD to feel the negative emotion and run the CT or EEF until it's down to 0-1.

    Then, once it's more neutral, now begin to see how you feel about asking this person.  Does it feel like the “right” think to do… do you feel that nudge to do it for your highest good?  If so, go for it.  If not… if, once you are more neutral, and you just don't feel nudged in that direction, then drop it and begin to use  your PSTEC Tools in regards to relationships, partnerships, love, etc. so that you can nurture a whole mind and an environment of True Love within yourself that will attract and allow relationships that are Perfect for your Highest Good; both intimate and otherwise.  What that really means is that you will then be able to share True Love instead of dancing around needs unmet and fears exasperated.

    And to answer your question specifically:
    “My question today is, is there any way to tell when your subconscious is prodding you to do or say something?  How can we tell if that's what it is, or just our own usual desires?”

    Look for JEEP and then you will have a better idea when you are being guided by a “sane mind” rather than from past emotions and beliefs which only support keeping you stuck and struggling.  Your own “usual desires” may be what the sub is prodding in you as well.  It wants to support your desires, but only if it's deemed safe according to your mind model and the mind model is where you must make the shifts in order to be able to rely on the “nudge” being in your best interests.

    Use JEEP to determine your state of mind.  If you feel joy, enthusiasm, excitement or peace; then you have a pretty good idea that your state of mind is sanity.  But, beware of “false JEEP” where you feel excited, but the true source of that state of mind is fear.  As I mentioned above, imagine not realizing your desires and see how you feel.  If you are not at peace, but fearful, then you are allowing fear to drive your decisions.

    What I am recommending is that you clear the fear of failure, not to encourage failure, but to clear the way for success.  When you fear failure, you actually facilitate an environment of failure!  So, see if you have any fears in that way… clear them … then look to the decision you wish to make.

    Malama Pono!