Reply To: How to know when subconscious is prodding ?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome… yeah, sometimes people don't get me the first time; I'm much better the second time around.  ;D

    Begin by making this your priority in Life and let the other stuff come as it may… you will find it manifesting much more quickly…

    If it's not JEEP, clear/clear/release/let it go with your Click Tracks.
    Become a CT fiend… relentless … do not settle for non-JEEP feelings!

    Be aware… not judging or deciding anything… just aware… when non-JEEP feelings come up and ask what the source of that is… where did that idea, feeling, etc. start?  CT those memories… don't stop until you are feeling that JEEP again.  Bring in your patience with the mantra:

    Infinite Patience, Brings Immediate Results

    If you are WILLING to make this your priority in Life for as long as you live… if you are WILLING to spend forever clearing the junk out of your mind; you will be done more quickly.  The less WILLING, the longer it takes.  It does not mean it takes forever, but just be WILLING to do whatever it takes as long as it takes.

    You see?

    I recommend not to commit to another relationship until those fears that drive you to these types of relationships are cleared and, consequently, you become more clear about what your purpose and what is ideal for that purpose, would be.

    “knowing as much as I do about anxious/addict types, is beyond me, but I didn't.)  So anyway that's another issue…”
    Are you sure about that or, is that issue what drives you to these types of relationships.  And, if you are an “anxious attachment type”; do you suppose that will help you manifest the most ideal and loving and free relationships?

    “At my age (52) I would think I'd have gotten better but in fact this is the worst breakup I've ever been through”
    I encourage you to shift this mind model otherwise you may be looking at continuing the same pattern and it may even manifest more intensely… now's the time to shift this… never a better time than now!  :)

    “How long is “Positive Empowered”?  I would really like to try that one.”
    It's about 45 minutes, but, I always recommend Level 1 along with other PSTEC Essentials because you want to become excellent at the “fundamentals.”
    Master those!

    “I have huge abandonment issues and that was one of the first things I CT'd about when I got the free audios.  The CTs helped too when I was feeling almost suicidal about my breakup…I had immediate relief from those thoughts one day when I did a CT.  Amazing!  The abandonment issues didn't go away though (they may have lessened but that's a long standing deep seated problem); definitely need more CT sessions.”
    Take a look at the emotions as well as the beliefs about being abandoned.  It's a very foundational piece in your mind model and how you relate to others.
    Don't just skirt over it, continue clearing it out and shifting beliefs until you look back and no longer identify yourself as an “abandoned person.”

    Now, stop reading and get clicking!  :)