Reply To: How to know when subconscious is prodding ?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    There are several posts about not feeling the emotions nor remembering any memories…

    “when I CT I cannot grab or hang onto the feeling.  Does it still work? “
    Remember, Tim is very literal.  You don't have to grab, hang onto or even feel the feeling while doing the Click Tracks.  You only have to TRY HARD to feel them.  So, when you focus on a memory or imagined event, just keep TRYING HARD to feel the emotion; don't worry about actually feeling it (sometimes you will, sometimes not), but only TRYING HARD.  You will experience the feelings fading, disappearing and other sensations or perceptions, but throughout the CT's, continue doing your best to TRY HARD to feel them.