Reply To: What if your bad memories are of things you did?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Ah, good question because it brings up a great point …

    True, you can't “live your past life over again and do it differently…”

    But, the past does not exist except in your memory and within your mind model and each person that observed anything in particular will have a little (or even huge) difference of perception, opinion and experience.

    So, yes, again, you cannot change how you lived those experiences in the past because they don't exist, but there is good news!!!  ;D

    You can shift your perception of those memories that reside within your mind!

    But, before we go there, what about overwhelm?

    Begin with using the Click Tracks (CT) on the feeling of overwhelm… imagine all you must face and be aware of … all that occurred … TRY HARD to feel overwhelmed and CT that until you no longer feel overwhelmed.

    Then, make a list… approach this methodically in order to be done with it once and for all because you can learn from your mistakes and, again, not change the past, but you can shift your perception so that you learn from them, adjust your mind model and then proceed into your present Life Experience, moment-by-moment, with more J.E.E.P. and then, in effect, create a New Life and leave those memories behind rather than dragging them with you.

    Once you have a list … pick one of what you feel is a most poignant memory and begin to CT each memory, one by one, methodically.  As you CT those memories and continue moving down the list, you may find some of them clearing up on their own and down the line no need to CT some of them.

    So, with that list, just do one memory a day… if you feel guilt about something you did… focus on the memory … TRY HARD to feel guilty (or whatever non-JEEP feeling is associated with it) and CT until it's 0-1.

    I also recommend using PSTEC Positive in between with some empowering statements that help you realize the Truth and the value of those past experiences and how you are shifting your mind to become more and more about the Truth of who and what you are… magnificent!!!

    Make sense?