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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha charlene…

    Ah, Fear of Poverty … seems simple, but can be a bit more complicated because it's not always poverty we fear, but what poverty says about us, what being wealthy and abundant mean in terms of our perception of sacrifice and the “stream” of poverty consciousness is something so familiar that we do not recognize the causes; meaning: the emotions, beliefs and behaviors that support the creation and maintenance of it.

    My best “panacea” of tools and tutorials on this subject would be Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC because, as I have alluded to, this issue of Abundance can be a bit complex and long standing.  But, being that it's long standing, that is not the issue per se except the more aware and willing you are to look at “anything” within your mind model of emotions, beliefs and behaviors; the quicker and more easily you will move through this and find yourself on the other side.  :D

    Keep in mind that Abundance vs. Poverty within your mind is like a scale where the Poverty side is leaning more heavily than the Abundance side.  So, it's a matter of removing or “lightening” emotional issues, beliefs and behaviors from the Poverty side and placing more weight upon emotionally positive feelings, empowering beliefs and positive behaviors to help push down the Abundance side giving it more credence … more importance.

    So, begin with emotional clearing of memories especially when it comes to financial disappointments and performance failures to the point where you can automatically look at those, shrug your shoulders and say, honestly, 'Just experiences… just results.'

    For example… from your post:
    “Every time  I could see myself get ahead, something real bad pops up”

    * Look at those past ones and use the CT's to clear the emotions attached to each one if you have to.
    * Also, work with imagined events… imagine getting ahead, see how that feels… maybe some fear?  CT it!

    It's akin to what we used to say in sales, “Some will, some won't, so what… NEXT!!!”  ;D

    Beliefs and Behaviors
    Beliefs, in my experience and others I have worked with, are ESSENTIAL to address and where most people fall short in terms of their “change work.”

    For example, from your post:

    “Every time  I could see myself get ahead, something real bad pops up”

    There is a belief that your mind will attempt to protect you from… after all, why bother even trying if you believe something real bad pops up?  So, you have to fight to take action.

    You know, the “bad” things… they are part of the way, charlene … they are The Way.  It's just that you… and many, many others … define them as bad and barriers.  But, they are just results that show you how something it moving… or not.  Nothing more, nothing less.

    So, with that belief in the subconscious, it's becomes very, very difficult or impossible to move successfully… at least permanently.

    PSTEC Positive to the rescue to shift that belief to one that is empowering… to a belief… or beliefs … that move you forward.  But, you cannot just make these belief changes consciously.  You must make Abundance Consciousness a harmonious part of your Whole Mind… which, in Truth, makes it Whole!

    I hope that answers your question well enough.

    Assess what comes up emotionally and begin there.  Along the way notice the thoughts and beliefs that come up so that you can craft PSTEC Positive Statements and use the PP tracks to shift beliefs as well!

    Malama Pono!