Reply To: Will it help on an ongoing problem.


My sincere thanks to you Mr. Jeff for your outstanding explanation.
I know now, we must  make  change in the subconscious mind for change to become reality.  I think caring for two very beloved family members with prolonged illness and
passing really trapped me into this blocked negative emotional state.

I will follow your recommendations and with faith in PSTEC I shall become free of the blocked negative emotions.

I have been using the CT now for about 4-5 days and around day 3-4 I noticed something was happening, first anger and irritability, then I felt lighter and the long standing pressure in my chest was gone.
I must admit I am not  down in the rating to zero, but it went down between 7-8.

That is a miracle for me and I will work on the CT's till it reaches  zero.
Again, I thank you for you recommendations and explanation it greatly
has reinforced my thinking.

If you are in Hawaii tonight, be safe in the storm.