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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Charlene… ah, you're always welcome!

    Quite often, I have encountered people I work with that, for example, rate an emotion at a level of 8, then CT it, then either say it has not moved or it even went up to a 9 or 10!

    Now, two common possibilities…

    First, could be they just need to focus more and run the CT again… maybe a couple or few more times… that is a simple solution.

    Secondly though, it could be that the original emotion of, say, fear went to 0-1 and now the “seemingly” same emotion is not a 9 or 10 in our example, but it's actually a different emotion, such as anger or sadness or something else.

    So, be sure to sit with it a bit and see if it's a different emotion and, if so, CT that as well until it's down to 0-1 as well.  And, as you can see, it still involves CT'ing it again, just with a little different focus.  Probably the same memory/imagined event but TRYING HARD to feel a different feeling.

    Ah, one more common occurrence…

    When you are working with something that's a 10 or really high and you finish a round of CT; assess the shifted feeling numerically… don't be fluffy and say, 'It's better' or 'It's good.'  That may be so when an emotion comes down from 9-10 into the realm of 5-8, then it feels better, but don't stop there… continue on and be done with it.  Many times, it only takes one more CT run; but even if it takes a couple/few more; it's worth the time.

    Keep up the good work… er … play!  ;)

    Mahalo for your kind wishes on the upcoming storms… all is well!

    Aloha nui!