Reply To: The quest for freedom and imperturbability

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Mahalo for sharing, gobs…

    True, gobs… writing things out can be therapeutic but, most times not in and of itself because it CAN merely become ranting/venting and that, again, in and of itself is limited in its therapeutic value… at least long term.

    Now, where you can find more value in writing our your thoughts and feelings is reviewing what you write from a third party perspective… almost detached (which, in many ways the Click Tracks (CT) help you do in terms of emotions and feelings so that you can shift perceptions) … and see the patterns, emotional attachments and aversions along with limiting beliefs and behaviors (all aspects of the mind model).


    Because in one's writing you can find the various aspects to target with your PSTEC Tools!  Much of it is right there under your nose… or under your pencil.  :)

    First and foremost is your WILLINGNESS... are you willing to do whatever it takes?  Not in terms of hard work and necessarily “tons of time” but in terms of priorities.  Make your clearing work your priority… not to the detriment of work, relationships, personal care, etc.; but in terms of your free time; make it a priority.  When you are WILLING to do that; then you will find more and more free time coming your way as you become more and more clear of reliving the same patterns… the past … over and over again.

    So, I see some willingness here…

    “I've put maybe 5+ hours into PSTEC click tracks, focusing on the emotions that I feel at work which bother me the most. I've gone through some of these past traumas, but probably have not gone through and gotten them all to a '0'. I have even found times to sneak off during the work day, and to run the tracks on the stress I am feeling in the immediate moment. I have woken up early in the morning and run the track on the sense of dread and pit that I feel in my stomach. Both of these situations have brought me a degree of relief, but stress, anxiety, and unhappiness still persist. At this point I don't even care if my objective circumstances change, I just want to feel emotionally imperturbable and flow through the world…which sometimes feels like too much for me to handle.”

    Good job on getting started, but here are some adjustments to your approach:

    1. Trust Tim and Tim's Tools.. you are not an exception that does not work.  Yes, you have some unique perceptions… we all do … but the makeup of your mind model is similiar to everyone else.  So, we are unique, but also not.  :-)
    2. Be WILLING to CT ANYTHING that is not J.E.E.P.
    3. Be WILLING to counter and shift ANY belief or behavior that is limiting your potential!

    In other words, be more absolute in your approach and your progress will be more effective and move more quickly!

    4. If need be get with a practitioner to help you get started on the right track, to hold you accountable and to help you over the “tougher spots” because you are worth the investment.
    5. Be Kind and Patient with yourself … show the subconscious and conscious that you are serious by not deviating and consistently moving forward (even when you feel you are stuck).

    So, you said…

    “I have been desperately searching for some sort of practical information (maybe really looking for a quick-fix), to help grab control of my fragile emotional state and to turn my life around.”

    Don't be desperate… feel the non-JEEP in that?
    Desperate approaches bring desperate results.

    Instead, be persistent and congruent in your intention.  That does NOT mean inflexible in your approach, but be congruent with your intention of becoming free.  So, as I said, be willing to do whatever it takes, but only if it moves in JEEP.  If the motivation is fear, anger, desperation, etc.; think twice about it and clear the non-JEEP feelings and then move forward.

    Be WILLING to take as long as it takes.  If you have a list of 100 memories, be WILLING to march through and CT them to 0-1 (don't settle for less than getting them down to 0-1… “5” is better than “10” because it's progress, but it's not acceptable and not “done” until it's 0-1).  Be WILLING to take them on and be done with them because infinite patience brings immediate results.  If you are WILLING, then that list of 100 will shrink fast and, in my experience and others, you probably won't have to do them all anyway.  BUT, only if you are WILLING to do them all.

    Make sense?

    And you thought your email was long!!!  ;D

    Ok, let me wind this up and point out two main areas to approach with your PSTEC Tools.  I segmented them into emotions and beliefs.

    Emotions… these are handled with the CT's, EEF's and/or Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT):
    I hate my job.
    I've hated every job I've ever had.
    stress of having to deal with and interact with other people
    extreme discontent with my first job out of college
    bullied at school
    during the college years, I was experiencing some of the worst bullying in my life
    I get reprimanded (more bullying) about my introversion
    every time I am given an order at work (all the time), it brings up great pain and resistance.

    sense of guilt and a fear of not living up to expectations
    (note on this one… when you have a general feeling or thought like this; look for evidence that it's true… when did you experience this in life?  Try and find a specific event for it; or events.)

    Beliefs … these are handled with the PSTEC Positive (PP), PP Extra Power and/or Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT) … notice the limiting nature of each of these:
    I can't foresee ever having a job that I would be happy at.
    the perceived loss of freedom
    my fragile emotional state
    have always been extremely sensitive, enough so that all of the emotional trauma I have sustained has left me as a bruised and fragile shadow of the true potential which I know I have inside.
    I have always had a loud voice
    I have a need for love
    I have a need for approval and attention from others
    I felt that negative attention from others was preferred to being completely ignored, so in some perverse way I made myself a target
    “The tall poppy gets cut”
    “the nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”
    I'm quite an introvert now
    I have difficulty looking other people in the eye
    I don't express what I am really thinking and feeling unless I know it's 100% safe
    Parents are infallible
    I have negative beliefs about money, success, and what constitutes a viable career path
    feel like I am not free
    I knew that ultimately I would be on the losing end of any emotional conflict.

    Overall, use your current job as your laboratory of your mind (this is a great opportunity!)… let it expose the emotions ,beliefs and behaviors that are in the way of your True Potential…in the way of your moving forward… onward and upward!  And, clear and shift those!!

    And… as you do that … then observe and enjoy the transformation while you are there and any progress outside there as well as a new position and environment that matches your shift in perception.

    Malama Pono!