Reply To: Fear of flying.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha craftymum … I have worked personally with a few people using PSTEC for fear of flying.

    One tip … be sure to “test the heck out of it” … in other words, as you use the tracks on the fear as instructed, then sit and imagine being on the plane and TRY HARD to get upset.  If you feel some upset, go through the track again.  Look for the particular “aspect” that is upsetting, such as:

    * young pilot
    * cramped seat or quarters
    * bumpy ride
    * etc

    If anything in particular is upsetting, focus more on that one aspect.

    Then, when you are feeling 0-1… calm when imagining it … imagine something worse, like turbulence, quite bumpy, how would that feel?  If it's ok, imagine other aspects as a part of TRYING HARD to get upset.  If an upset arises, use the Click Track on it.

    Then, if you imagine and can't get upset… if you have time … take a trip to the airport as if you are going and see if the anticipation bothers you.

    Be sure to take the tracks with you as you can use them on the plane if needed or even when you get to your destination where you can address something specific and then experiment on the way back.  Remember, it's all an experiment of the mind… be detached as you experiment and you will find the solution and be done with it once and for all!

    Malama Pono!