Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Sarge… a mix would be similar in theme, people involved, etc.  If you use events that are quite disjointed, unrelated or related in some quite obscure manner, then the subconscious will not connect the dots and it go on “deaf subconscious ears.”  :)

    If it's a mix, look for the similar aspect because that's most likely one of or “the” trigger, i.e.: a look from someone, sound of their voice, a certain location, etc.

    If your mind wanders, it's ok… if it “feels right” you can shift to that during the track.  But, once the track is done, note the new “visions” and also be sure to reassess the original event you were working on.  if the feelings are not down to 0-1 yet, CT each event separately and work them until they are down.

    Oh, and don't settle for a 3 or a 4 or more… go for 0-1!  Be done!

    “There are some feelings that seem to be seperate from any events at all.”

    *That's ok… TRY HARD to feel that feeling… what do you think about that prompts that feeling?  It does not have to be a memory, but can be an imagined event.  Imagine feeling that way; what might you be doing?
    You see?

    *In your post… what might you be forcing to work?
    Why are you forcing?

    *You can also try, as you described, to be grabbing for air… do you feel that feeling?  Rate it, CT it… see what happens.  Maybe other specific memories or imagined events come up… if so, CT those.  Maybe it will just go down to 0-1 without further CT's.

    *You can also try the “Why Technique” on this… feel the feeling and follow those directions …

    If you CT only emotions without linking it to a memory or imagined event, and you can do that, you may experience more pronounced reactions both emotionally and physically.  So, if you do this, be very, very aware of any memories or imagined events that come up, note them, CT them separately.

    The subconscious provokes feelings for a reason… either memories or imagined events (of the past or future)… remember, they are there, you just have to provoke them to your consciousness.