Reply To: Re: obsessed!


    Hi, Jeff.

    Thanks for your response.

    I’m still on the basic free tracks and am poised to buy level one since I do experience relief, albeit temporary.  My mind gets so distracted from all the tapping and banging that it has to stop obsessing – momentarily.

    Thoughts are all over the map.  And they often sneak up on me at a time when I can’t tap, bang, meditate, visualise, or do anything else about them – except maybe pray. 

    Thoughts like:

    – I’ll never find anybody like him again

    -I’m never the one

    -They never choose me.  Ever.

    -What’s he doing now, who’s he with, and why did he have to turn out to be such a jerk?

    These are just a few of the general themes around which hundreds of thoughts centre.  Oh, and here’s a big one that’s come up recently:

    -It’s not fair that I have to do all this effin’ work on myself and do all these effin’ online courses and programmes when he’s already moved on on his merry way and found someone else.

    All thoughts generally centre around anger, sadness, loss and loneliness and a deep, deep longing to be connected to someone else again.

    Seems like if I go ahead with PSTEC, I’ll be doing a lot more tapping and banging and smacking and slapping of my desk.

    Thanks again.