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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Arnel…

    ” I ran the second free CT and my emotional charge remained fixed at 10.  It seems I’ve discovered that I have the capacity to multi-task after all – tap and click to the click track, listen to Tim’s voice and keep the image of my ex-boyfriend very, very vividly in my mind.  So vividly that the longer I tapped and clicked and the more solidified my mind pictures became, the angrier and the more frustrated I got. “

    The PSTEC Instructions are very, very important and Tim is very, very literal in terms of what you must do to be effective.  Every time I chat with an individual or work with an individual struggling with their effectiveness with PSTEC, it comes down to not quite following instructions correctly.

    So, Good job on multi-tasking, but you are a bit off on what you are focusing on while running the tracks…

    Let's first eliminate part of your multi-tasking…
    DO NOT listen to Tim's voice while running the Click Track (CT) once he completes giving you instructions.  You DO NOT listen consciously to Tim… no need to as he is speaking to your subconscious.  After all these years, I still am not sure of everything he is saying… no need to.

    Concentrate and Focus
    There are 3 aspects to focus on while running the Free Basic Click Tracks or the EEF’s:

    1. A memory or imagined event
    Be as specific as possible … if your mind is wandering, take control and focus on one memory or imagined event at a time.  If you can't help the stream of memories or imagined events and thoughts, jot them down… exhaust them … then, pick one and start by running the CT and focusing on that one. When it's 0-1, move onto the next one, or maybe do 1 or 2 of those a day and work through it with ease.

    2. TRY HARD to feel the emotion or feeling.  This is very specific.  Tim does not say to feel the feeling, but TRY HARD to feel the feeling.  Big difference!

    Keep on TRYING HARD throughout the track.  The feeling may keep trying to fade and you just keep TRYING HARD to feel it.

    3. Do your best to keep up with the tapping of your hands with the clicks and tones.

    You don’t have to get it perfect, just TRY HARD to do your best.

    Again, throughout the tracks, you are not listening to Tim past the instructions… just the 3 aspects above and let Tim talk to your subconscious mind.


    PS  If you find it difficult to sort out the various memories, feelings, beliefs, etc.; consider investing in a session or two with a practitioner from the PSTEC Registry