Reply To: Re: obsessed!


    Hi, Jeff!

    I’m so glad I checked back on here, I just discovered your very informative and engaging replies.  Thank you for taking the time to address my questions.

    You are absolutely correct about the necessity of shifting my mind model in regards to relationships.  It had been ten years between my ex-boyfriend and the ex-boyfriend before him.  I don’t give away my heart too easily or too quickly but when I do, it’s inevitably to the wrong man.  You very wisely described it as a “relationship that is not empowering”.

    Believe me, I learned first hand through getting entangled with a narcissistic personality-disordered individual just how disempowering that type of relationship is.  And of course, I drew it to me because of my own limiting beliefs about relationships.

    Thank you for your enlightened and enlightening reply.  I’m really looking forward to delving deeper into PSTEC and I’m definitely open to signing up for private consultations with a practitioner like yourself  in the future.

    Have a great weekend!