Reply To: Questions about PSTEC applications

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Leslie…

    PSTEC is Not Hypnotherapy or Anything Else You Have Ever Experienced

    Well, in truth, PSTEC is not hypnotherapy at all.  The only connection with hypnotherpy is that Tim Phizackerley, the Found and Creator of PSTEC, is an excellent hypnotherapist.  But, in his private work with clients, he developed a much quicker method of shifting the mind model, both used by therapists and also for self-helpers and PSTEC was born.

    PSTEC is not an energy therapy, not hypnotherapy, not NLP, etc., etc. and…

    This is an important point…
    Do not approach PSTEC with a mind filled with other ways of shifting your mind because it will only confuse you.  Follow Tim's instructions very literally and you will move along more quickly and with more ease.

    For example, a common mistake is when someone believes they must feel the feeling during the CT, but that is not important.  Many people do feel the feeling and that's fine, but what Tim instructs is to TRY HARD… TRY HARD AS YOU CAN … to feel the feeling.  Big difference and pivotal as well.

    What is PSTEC?

    So, the complete “Why” about PSTEC?  Well, here's the best explanation that you will get … … all the aspects of how it works, you will not know.  That's Tim's “secret” for now, but it's not about “why” it works, but that it works… it's about results.


    That's why Tim gives away the Basic Click Tracks… try it… no charge… no obligation… no time limit.  Follow and instructions to a “T” and see what happens and if you need help, you can come here or if you need a practitioner to help guide you along for a bit, there are many available.

    How to use them… the process … again, follow his directions very literally and take your time listening to his instructions.  Don't rush in with your previous ideas of how other things work; take your time like you would with an excellent tool of any type and become excellent handling it and you will amaze yourself!

    “I'm dealing with a break up right now, which naturally comes with a lot of anger.  I could use PSTEC to clear those feelings of anger”

    Ah, anger is an emotion that is very powerful… not in a positive way, of course, but in a way that blocks your magnificence… blocks your connection with the Truth of Who and What You Truly Are!

    So, with a previous relationship, imagine that person… what makes you most angry about that person?  Just imagine that… focus on it… TRY HARD to feel the anger and do your best to keep up with the tapping to the clicks and tones of the CT's.

    Don't over think things too much … K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, sweetheart!  :) ) … if you feel something that's not J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace), then CT it.  Be a CT fiend and clear, clean and let go.  Make that your priority in life and the rest gets easy… trust me. ;D

    So, once you CT the anger toward someone… note the intensity of the emotion and also, sit and reflect about the person… notice the shift in perception… do you feel like practicing unconditional forgiveness and do you feel compassion?  Revel in that and let it wash over you!!

    “fear of having unmet needs”

    Ah, why do we usually get in relationships?  To get something, correct?  Recipe for disaster, of course, because that will ALWAYS end in pain because that “special” relationship will end at some point and we no longer get what we need.

    So, imagine never getting whatever need you want.
    Ok, yes, I know it's counter-intuitive, but it's counter to an intuition that is “insane” and does not have your True best interest in mind because that perception is moving you toward pain or worse!

    This is a way to address the fear of failure…
    We don't imagine never getting what we want to manifest not getting it, but to expose the fear of not getting it which does not serve, in any manner, the receiving of what we desire.

    Imagine not getting it… how does that feel?
    Now CT that fear and see how you feel… see what happens.

    You might just find, in terms of relationships, that you are not entering relationships for other reasons other than to “get something.”

    So, band aid?
    PSTEC, like anything, can be used as a band-aid, but when you target PSTEC as instructed and properly… in the most effective way… it can shift your mind model… shift your perception… in ways you cannot even imagine yet!

    “counter productive because its the difficult process of sitting with the anger for days that got me to that insight which I would have not done if I just “cleared” those feelings away”

    Well, Leslie, don't sit with it for days… target it the best you can and CT it.

    Here's another incredible feature of the CT's…

    They will encourage recall.  When you continue using them, they will encourage recall of the memories, feelings and beliefs that must be handled.  And, one step further, if you also employ the PSTEC Accelerators, it will enhance your recall to an even greater degree!

    That's what PSTEC is doing, by the way, “clearing those feelings away.”
    I have seen many people claim they are clearing emotions away but without focusing on anything else… not truly identifying the cause of those unpleasant emotions and, while it's possible, it's difficult, takes quite a bit of time and may not “stick” because the cause keeps bringing that emotion up.  In other words, someone may “release” the emotion, but if the belief is still present and quite strong, it will keep “reproducing” the emotion and will seem like it's returning.


    So, that brings us to beliefs that you touched on…
    “list of the initial memories that could have triggered that belief that my needs won't get met and neutralized those emotions, than at that point the belief will  be addressed?”

    Sometimes when you CT emotions, beliefs can be affected as well, especially with simple issues, like many phobias, maybe a one time trauma, etc.  But, with complex, long-standing and “important” issues, shifting beliefs as well as releasing or neutralizing the emotions will get you to success much more quickly and with more ease.

    So, PSTEC Positive is the tool of choice and I recommend you get PSTEC with the Level 1 Package (although you can get it ala carte, but the package is such an incredible value!)

    Tim's model of the subconscious, how it works and the tools he is providing, in my experience and those with my clients, is unsurpassed… truly … and in a way where most people can “self help” this.  But, sometimes our issues are akin to “can't see the forest for the trees” and we need a little guidance to get moving on the Path to Freedom!

    Immerse yourself and see what happens… we are here for ya!

    Aloha nui loa!

    PS Oh, Oh!!!  On beliefs… coming soon… in the next couple weeks… an additional tools for beliefs… PSTEC Negative!!!  It erases the disempowering beliefs which makes PSTEC Positive (suggesting to the subconscious the beliefs you desire) even more effective and with ease!  Stay tuned!