Reply To: Questions about PSTEC applications


    Jeff, thanks so much for your thoughtful and detailed reply. I did download the free PSTEC tracks this weekend and tried them on two issues, the first issue relating to something that I did 5 years ago that I've been very ashamed off and the second to the latest breakup. The PSTEC actually did wonders on the old issue and I can finally think about that situation and why I got myself into it without feeling guilt and shame, but it had minimal impact on my feelings about the breakup. I think that this might be because the feelings I have about the breakup are the same feelings I've had during my childhood – so would you recommend working with those feelings instead before addressing the current ones?

    For the past few weeks, I've started meditating and doing hypno/visualization sessions daily – how do you see PSTEC fitting into the larger picture here? On the one hand I think that everyone has itra own benefit but on the other hand, I'm afraid of overwhelming my brain with too much, although sometimes I feel if you're trying to reprogram your brain from 30+ years of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, an concentrated, intense effort is needed, much like going to rehab or going to school/workshop full time. what do you think?

    Also, I found that after doing two PSTEC sessions in a row, I was TIRED. So tired that I had to take a warm shower to chill out because I felt to light headed and exhausted… is it normal to feel that way afterwards and how many of these do you recommend doing and how often?