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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome!

    This is a good question because it illustrates being specific vs. being too general.

    On this one, you were very specific…

    “something that I did 5 years ago that I've been very ashamed off”

    A specific memory, specific feeling… done deal!
    Good Job!

    Now, this one…
    “…the latest breakup…”
    … there is less specificity … it's a general statement and, with a breakup of a close relationship, it involves more than one aspect… most likely.  In other words, feeling terrible about the breakup is based upon a series of feelings and beliefs from your past.  So, there must be a pattern occurring here, most likely.

    And, I recommend handling this pattern before moving on to another relationship because it's likely you would merely repeat it over and over and over and over again.  :(

    So, you already touched on it…

    “the feelings I have about the breakup are the same feelings I've had during my childhood – so would you recommend working with those feelings instead before addressing the current ones?”

    Again, good job!!!
    Yes, one of the questions or series of question I ask people when they experience something unpleasant in the present is:
    *When was the last time you felt a similar feeling… and the time before that?
    *When was the first time you remember feeling this way in your life?
    *When was the worst experience you had in feeling this way?

    You see?

    Your repeated pattern is founded upon, at least in part and sometimes in large part, to the past emotional experiences.

    So, yes, carry on and CT those old memories!

    After you have CT'd those memories with similar feelings, check back in with the more recent experience… how does that feel now?

    For the past few weeks, I've started meditating and doing hypno/visualization sessions daily – how do you see PSTEC fitting into the larger picture here?

    Meditation is about getting quiet… about listening to your inspiration, however you define that.  The most “junk” from the past floating around in your mind as important, the less likely you can get quiet and listen.  So, PSTEC is the ideal set of tools to help reduce emotional reactions to help you calm your mind as well as shift beliefs that you can sit and get quiet… that you can receive guidance from your source of inspiration.

    You see, you have two sources of guidance… from your past definitions; your ego; all those ideas you have about yourself that are limited.  That's one.  The other is your greatest manifestation of yourself that some would call Super Conscious, Higher Self or even Spirit.  No matter what you call it… call them … it's a simple choice, but becomes more difficult when our minds are full of all the past junk that we have hung onto, sometimes, for decades.

    On the one hand I think that everyone has itra own benefit but on the other hand, I'm afraid of overwhelming my brain with too much, although sometimes I feel if you're trying to reprogram your brain from 30+ years of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, an concentrated, intense effort is needed, much like going to rehab or going to school/workshop full time. what do you think?

    It's up to you… sure, you put more time in, you will compress your efforts and move along more quickly.  But, be careful because many times that “intense effort” is motivated by fear and anxiety that says, 'I gotta change… I gotta change NOW!”  So, don't fall into that trap because the anxiety and fear come from the old mind model… from the past.


    30 years with one mind model does not mean it takes 30 years to deconstruct it for a new one.

    Here's what keeps us stuck and causes us to delay…

    Our unwillingness to shift that mind model because we are REALLY attached to it… we don't want to change it… fear changing it… whatever the reason, we hang onto it.


    Willing to let go of emotional attachments and aversions.
    Willing to let go of beliefs.
    Willing to let go of behaviors.
    Willing to let go of ideals and values.
    Willing to let go of definitions in the world.

    The more WILLING you are, the quicker it will seem.


    Self Reflection without Self Kindness is Self Abuse
    So, when you have a list of emotional memories, just do one or two a day and then work with PP and beliefs in the direction you wish to journey.

    Take it easy and realize you are not “fixing” yourself, but uncovering your magnificence!

    Also, I found that after doing two PSTEC sessions in a row, I was TIRED. So tired that I had to take a warm shower to chill out because I felt to light headed and exhausted… is it normal to feel that way afterwards and how many of these do you recommend doing and how often?

    Sure, it can happen.  When the emotions were brought to consciousness, it can be akin to reliving them (although not required)… some do, some don't.  Just relax and rest and get refreshed.

    Do what you feel you can… again, remember the “kindness” thing.

    Malama Pono!