Reply To: Questions about PSTEC applications


    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks again, as always, for your awesome responses!

    While doing a PSTEC session on my current feelings I got a memory flash to an event when I was younger that I totally forgot about. This event happened during a 3-year period of my life that was pretty traumatic, but I decided to focus on it since it popped into my mind.

    After doing a PSTEC session on it a 5-6x, I can look at that point in my life more rationally and while doing the PSTEC sessions on that event my mind starts to drift to other times later in my life when I felt the same way (and there's been a lot!) My question is – do I need to do the PSTEC on all the times in my life I felt that way.. because that's just SO much!

    Also, although I'm able to look at the experience when I was younger more rationally – I now realize that I react to people and circumstances in a certain way because of those events and not because there is something wrong with me. But this doesn't necessarily make me feel better now because I'm still feeling those feelings (even though I know where they are coming from) and I'm guessing as I do more PSTEC sessions those should change.. But I guess I have a hard time believing that if I change how I feel about what happened when I was 9 or 10.. that this would lead meeting people that don't elicit those feelings? That's the whole point, right?

    I'm also a bit confused on how to put everything together – so I have some old feelings from when I was a child about being abandoned and not good enough, and I feel that way now – and I'm also afraid that in the future I'll be abandoned again BUT I'm sure that I'm afraid that I might NOT get abandoned again because that would be a nice situation for me and outside of my comfort zone.. so I guess my question is how do I put all of this together – the old feelings, and the double sided fear of both succeeding and failing in future events?

    After doing this, I've realized that I'm living my life in a holding patterns – too afraid to land, too afraid to fly away…