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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Leslie…

    While doing a PSTEC session on my current feelings I got a memory flash to an event when I was younger that I totally forgot about. This event happened during a 3-year period of my life that was pretty traumatic, but I decided to focus on it since it popped into my mind.
    After doing a PSTEC session on it a 5-6x, I can look at that point in my life more rationally and while doing the PSTEC sessions on that event my mind starts to drift to other times later in my life when I felt the same way (and there's been a lot!) My question is – do I need to do the PSTEC on all the times in my life I felt that way.. because that's just SO much!

    Good job!
    One of the greatest features of Tim's Tools are that they encourage recall.
    You see, it's about identifying aspects of our mind model that are in error (creating disharmony) and correcting them and doing it much more quickly and easily with Tim's Tools.  So that old memory coming up was “served up” by the subconscious as being relevant.  If you want to be clear of that issue, that must be CT'd… as you did.

    Now, where is the emotional intensity on that old memory?  Just on that one memory?  If it's not 0-1, go for 0-1.  Don't settle for higher than that.

    The other memories, jot them down… start a list on this issue.

    Couple points…

    If you notice something repeating… let's say a certain person treating you poorly during that time, find the common aspect.  It could be something they said, did or acted on… could just be the person.  Begin CT'ing on whatever comes up as a common thread.

    Also, look for the most intense memories… CT those.

    As you go through this list on those above, revisit it after you have done those… getting those you CT down to 0-1… remember, don't settle for a 6, 3 or even a 2! … reassess the others.  See if those hold any intensity.  Be methodical about it.

    Make sense?

    Do you have to do them all?

    Here's my answer…


    The more WILLING you are to do “whatever it takes”; the less likely you will have to do much.  Now, you can't fool the mind and think, 'I will be willing so that I can be done with this!'  That won't do it.  Take the approach that says, 'Correcting my mind is THE most important work in my life and I will keep doing it until it's done and if it's never done, I will keep doing it until it is!'

    You see?

    Be patient and kind and bring that calmness to your inner work.

    Infinite patience, brings immediate results!

    When that type of True Patience is manifested (more and more) your work will quicken and, actually, turn to play!  :D

    I now realize that I react to people and circumstances in a certain way because of those events and not because there is something wrong with me. But this doesn't necessarily make me feel better now because I'm still feeling those feelings (even though I know where they are coming from) and I'm guessing as I do more PSTEC sessions those should change.. But I guess I have a hard time believing that if I change how I feel about what happened when I was 9 or 10.. that this would lead meeting people that don't elicit those feelings? That's the whole point, right?

    Here's the point, Leslie … what you describe above are beliefs and behaviors and that's where PSTEC Positive comes into the picture where it shifts your beliefs and behaviors… those patterns of thinking … so that you do manifest something different and, yes, you're right, that is the whole point.


    Notice the most calm people when things go awry… when the world is in chaos, there are some who don't participate and their life is filled with joy and peace no matter what.  Even when people say, 'What's wrong with you?!!  If you aren't upset, then you don't care!!!!' Well, one of their beliefs revolves around something like this: “Other people opinions do not affect me.”  You see?

    My wife and I were chatting with Tim and his wife on the phone about a year ago talking about forgiveness.  That is what PSTEC is all about in a sense… unconditional forgiveness where you completely let go of the attachment and aversions to your past.

    Now, my wife and I do a lot of our own inner work.  We are WILLING to do whatever it takes and, in Truth, practicing unconditional forgiveness is THE most important task for us in Life.  As Tim pointed out in a follow up to our phone conversation, he said, “I thought of forgiveness as something you do after the fact… like a pardon … but you two practice forgiveness before anything even happens.”  Very True.

    And, at one point, I looked at my wife and as a result of our work individually and practicing together, I said, “You know, it's been years since any really mean people have been a part of our lives.”

    You see, you shift your perception and the world you live in does change.

    Ah, but I digress…

    So, when you say, I react to people and circumstances in a certain way I… those are patterns and, when you use PSTEC, you are shifting patterns so that you no longer respond that way and, you know what?  A lot of those people don't show up in the same manner or not at all.  Your relationships will existing people can change as well.

    I'm also a bit confused on how to put everything together – so I have some old feelings from when I was a child about being abandoned and not good enough, and I feel that way now – and I'm also afraid that in the future I'll be abandoned again BUT I'm sure that I'm afraid that I might NOT get abandoned again because that would be a nice situation for me and outside of my comfort zone.. so I guess my question is how do I put all of this together – the old feelings, and the double sided fear of both succeeding and failing in future events?

    This is a very important point and will make a HUGE difference in your work… er … play.  ;D  Become excellent at noticing the difference between emotions and beliefs….

    CT and EEF's are for emotions like when you recall a memory and feel fearful, anxious, angry, etc.
    CT those!

    * memories of: old feelings from when I was a child about being abandoned
    * imagined events: afraid that in the future I'll be abandoned again
    * imagined events:might NOT get abandoned
    Good point on this last one… fear of success … great one to CT.  Most have to sit with the imagined event to get the feeling and identify it, but sit with a vision or idea of what that would seem like to never get abandoned… how does that feel? Unpleasant?  CT it!

    PSTEC Positive is for beliefs and behaviors like when you have thoughts, such as:
    * not good enough
    * hard time believing that if I change how I feel about what happened when I was 9 or 10.. that this would lead meeting people that don't elicit those feelings
    * too afraid to land, too afraid to fly away
    There may be feelings there, but there are also beliefs, such as, something along the lines of: 'I am stuck'… or … 'It's safer to not do anything'… or … 'I can't fly away… can't be any greater, etc.'
    Those would be addressed with PSTEC Positive along with CT'ing the emotions that go with them.
    Let those memories come up… access them: pleasant or unpleasant … and CT the unpleasant until they are neutral.

    Keep it simple and keep it running… or clicking.