Reply To: Questions about PSTEC applications

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi leslie… many feel they are not making progress when feelings become more intense, but in most instances it merely means you are hitting upon something that is quite poignant and is advisable to continue.

    Sometimes you must CT or use the EEF's several times.  You will know when you are done with a particular issue and, being aware as you are, you will also know when other aspects arise to your consciousness for you to heal them.  So, basically, keep clickin'!

    “I'm actually surprised at how much something that I really thought I had gotten over is REALLY upsetting me. “

    Keep in mind not to “think so much” as your existing mind model (the one creating the limited perceptions and even pain or discomfort) will help to convince you that you are “over it.”  But, what it REALLY means is that you have ignored it, suppressed it, buried it.

    When working to heal a particular emotional issue… pay attention to the feelings … keep testing it … TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN to feel it.

    But, also, be sure to address beliefs.

    If we have a strong beliefs… or a series of strong beliefs… those may be the major contributor to an issue and clearing the emotions may not be all that is necessary, but shifting the beliefs is what is needed to transcend the issue.

    'I'm working on a feeling of literally being abandoned “

    Actually, it's not a feeling of being abandoned.  It's the notion or thought (a belief) that you are abandoned and then THAT belief will make you feel, most likely, sad, fearful, angry or a combination of them.

    So, when you work with a memory of being abandoned or even an imagined event of being abandoned, TRY HARD to feel the emotion or feeling you identify with being abandoned.

    Don't confuse a “state of being” or a belief with an emotion or feeling.

    Remember too … address emotions with the Click Tracks, EEF's or Accelerator (ATT) Tapping Tracks … address beliefs and behaviors with PSTEC Positive, PP Extra Power or the ATT's.

    “Many of these (like not taking a boss personally) I've learned to deal with through just basic cognitive therapy principles.  “

    I call this intellectualizing or “putting up with the &%$#!!”

    We justify living in pain and discomfort and it's, by far, not the Truth.

    Keep this in mind…

    If you are thinking, you are wrong.

    That means: don't use the same mind that is causing you problem to also solve the problems… it either will never work or will take a long, long time.

    “I don't actually know if I've cleared the original negative memory”

    Don't make “clearing the original memory” the objective.  Many times you don't have to do that.  Just follow the emotions, clear what comes up.  If nothing comes up, go with what is happening in the present and/or create an imagined event that is similar in feeling to the problem issue… an imagined event and triggers the same feeling.

    Keep this simple!

    “it's like they are all bothering me simultaneously and I think its just the memory of my entire life not a few particular events that's the problem so I don't even know what to focus on.. “

    This is where focus comes into play… take one at a time.  If you have difficulty, connect with a practitioner to guide you along.  Sometimes we just need a little help to get some momentum!

    And… remember to address beliefs…

    “I'll just say to myself “well you probably felt the same thing that you're feeling now”

    You see that belief… if the belief is strong, your subconscious will use that trigger to invoke the feeling once again… you see?

    Make PSTEC Positive your new best friend to work along side with your Click Tracks.


    Address the Law of Three and you will move along more quickly and easily.