Reply To: Questions about PSTEC applications


    Hi Jeff,

    As always, thanks for your very enlightening answers! I've been working with the CC and PP tracks, incorporating your comments and have more things pop up…

    First, PSTEC has been incredible for my memory recall; I've generally been pretty good at understanding that most of my current/imagined future feelings are driven by the past, but after the CC I can think about a feeling or belief and very quickly remember something related that would have never crossed my mind otherwise. I've been trying to add a more “playful” by going with whatever my mind is giving me; focusing on feeling better about now or the future felt too much like I was 'fixing' myself rather enlightening myself (the result so far is that I feel better about myself but not about my current situation). Through the CC, the past situations morph and change into something and then I EEF, whatever the final situation/feeling settles into.

    During the EEF's, my mind starts wondering a lot about and about half way in, I get really annoyed and remind myself that I want to do want to let go and need to focus. The past few times I've done this, if the feeling is about an imagined event or an imagined past event (i.e. one memory representing many related to a specific feeling and action from one person), my mind has actually gone blank, it takes a while to get back up and that initial image it's drawing a blank although it should be there.. honestly, this is what I imagine a lobotomy would feel like! I finish the EEF tracks, but just tell myself that the EEF is for that thing I can't bring up and that my subconscious knows what it is. This whole thing is rather unsettling – have you had this happen to clients?

    My second question is on the PP. First, there are beliefs that I want to work on that I totally don't feel are true. For example, I have a belief that I don't deserve to be in a healthy relationship. Saying, “I deserve to be in a healthy relationship” doesn't feel right. Saying something like “I will soon deserve to be,” or “I'm working toward feeling that I deserve to be,” or “In the future, I will deserve to be”, rights more true. Do you recommend PP'ing on the “I deserve” statement until it rights true or using a statement that feels more true but might not the positive belief that I want.

    Second, if there is a belief that is related to how other people see me, what is the best way to construct that PP? Let's say, that I want people to view me as attractive. Do I use “I believe that I am attractive” or “Other people believe that I am attractive”? On the one hand, I can't control other people and if I think that I'm attractive, in theory, I'll act like it and other people will too. However, I can also believe that I'm attractive but that for some reason… other people won't find me attractive or appreciate my attractiveness, and create those outcomes.  So I'm confused on the balance of myself v. others in PP statements.

    As always thanks.. and apologies for my very wordy posts!