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Jeff Harding
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    Hey blaze…

    Do I simply explain the method to the client put it on either by speakers or headphones for them and sit back till it's over?
    I feel as a therapist I need to something active in the session. I am wondering where the therapist part of what I will be doing begins?

    The effectiveness of PSTEC is highly dependent upon how well you “target” the tools to the intended shift in emotions, beliefs and behaviors.  That may seem easy, but, for many, it's difficult to see the forest for the trees.

    As therapists, we are there to notice the emotional attachments and aversion along with the limiting beliefs and behaviors and then target the appropriate tool, method, etc. to shift the client's mind model… their model of perception and how they see the world … so that they can live a life in peace rather one of quiet (or not so quiet) desperation.

    We are also there to point out that the errors in thinking are exactly that… nothing more, nothing less … so we are there to remind them that it is not only simple, but easy and to keep them on the path to joy and peace… or whatever their desire would be.

    Specifically with PSTEC:
    * Again, help them target the memories and imagined events that are causing emotional upheaval.  One can merely CT each and every memory that is unpleasant and it will work, but if you can pinpoint more poignant memories that are more foundational, then the mind model will deconstruct much more quickly and with less effort.
    * Help them be aware of the emotions they are TRYING HARD to feel.  This may seem obvious, but not always because when the emotions are high, it's can be difficult to sort through them.
    * Aid in the segmentation of emotions and beliefs because each requires different tools to affect change.

    Yes, as you have them run the appropriate tool, be it CT, PP, ATT PP Extra Power, etc.; help them target properly and when they run it, sit back and relax or whatever you wish to do.  You can even leave the room if you wish.  Up to you.
    If you are doing phone sessions, just mute and do what you need to do.

    If you feel anxious about not doing something, maybe a little CT work is in order.  ;)

    I know there are exams etc to be sat so as a therapist what is involved in a normal session, what role do I play?

    See above

    I have downloaded the free PSTec audios/click tracks and Level 1 as mentioned. What will I need to purchase to further enhance my experience and that of my clients and how long on average should I allow to undertake for journey to practioner?

    You will find a little summary here…

    How long depends upon how much you compress in a particular segment of time.  Use the tools for yourself as well… become familiar with them and using them.  Start with simple issues with a client, if they have a high emotional intensity on something, CT it until it's down to 0-1 and then proceed with your regular therapy process and you will find hypnotic suggestions much more effective when the emotions are down.

    But, as you move along, you will find using PSTEC Positive (PP) and PP Extra Power very effective for making suggestions to your clients.

    That's just touching the surface.

    Also, one last note…

    When you join the PSTEC Registry, there is a free audio course on Phone Therapy Sessions you will find interesting (I know I have heard from many therapists claiming that phone sessions cannot be done successfully, but most of those who told me that are not converts and have expanded their practice immeasurably with phone sessions and Skype sessions) and also will expand on these answers to your questions.

    Aloha and Welcome!