Reply To: Problems trying to focus in an state of mind rather than an event

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi sjames… Ah, the answer is within your question.  ;)

    Specific is easier when it comes to shifting your mind model.  When you attempt to make wide sweeping changes, it becomes more difficult and sometimes impossible because our minds resist change in the first place.

    Two points…

    1. Take the “big state of mind change” you wish to make and “chunk it down a bit.”

    So, with your statement of the issue:

    “I have become totally disconnected with the world and people, couldn't-care-less attitude, nothing interest and enthusiast me, I am not sad or happy, just neutral, I have no passion about my hobbies and interests anymore, I don't seek for love, social interaction, friends, its just that I don't care about everything.”

    How are you disconnected with people?
    What is the evidence … What is an example?
    Is there someone you are disconnected with that you wish to reconnect with?

    Narrow this down a bit for a start.

    Let's say you are disconnected with a sibling and you wish to reconnect.
    You begin to shift your mind model toward reconnecting with that person, but first find out within your mind why you are disconnected … ask…

    Why am I disconnected from ______________
    What's the advantage to being disconnected?
    Why don't you care about it?

    You may have to delve a bit to find the emotional issues at hand and use the CT's to neutralize the unpleasant emotions regarding connection with that person.

    2. I mentioned emotions above and using the CT's… yes, absolutely.
    But, also you must address the beliefs.

    I have become totally disconnected with the world
    I have become totally disconnected with people
    I couldn't-care-less [about the world or people]
    Nothing interests me
    I am neutral
    I have no passion about my hobbies and interests anymore
    I don't seek for love
    I don't seek social interaction
    I don't seek or make friends
    I don't care about everything

    These are all beliefs and the use of PSTEC Positive will also become your tool of choice when you are ready to shift those.

    Again, as I mentioned in #1 above, segment this a bit and take one at a time.

    Ask similar questions and delve a bit, such as:

    Why do I not seek for love?
    What's wrong with love?
    What's the disadvantage of looking for or expecting love?

    You see?

    There is a reason for the feelings and beliefs around this.  Discover those and apply the PSTEC Tools that are appropriate.

    Just remember to address beliefs but you MUST do that with PSTEC Positive!!

    When you shift an overall mind model as you have described, it's a bit more complex.  The web that your mind has woven is interconnected and there are various emotional experiences (memories and imagined events) along with beliefs and behaviors that support staying and living in that mind model.

    So, you deconstruct the old one and either let a new, more freeing one take affect and also make suggestions in the direction you desire to live.