Reply To: Problems trying to focus in an state of mind rather than an event

Jill Speed

    Hi Jeff,
    Sorry for just diving off and jumping in this thread, but I'm having a problem with understanding how to pstec positive. As in how to go about it. I've listened to Tim's steps and I seem to just zone out and don't connect the dots. Unlike using pstec for yucky feelings or situations, I can get into it and get it resolved surprisingly quickly (love it!)

    In part 2 above you mentioned

    “2. I mentioned emotions above and using the CT's… yes, absolutely.
    But, also you must address the beliefs.

    I have become totally disconnected with the world
    I have become totally disconnected with people
    I couldn't-care-less [about the world or people]
    Nothing interests me
    I am neutral
    I have no passion about my hobbies and interests anymore
    I don't seek for love
    I don't seek social interaction
    I don't seek or make friends
    I don't care about everything

    These are all beliefs and the use of PSTEC Positive will also become your tool of choice when you are ready to shift those.”

    How does one use pp for anyone of the above belief statements specifically? That's where I'm having trouble connecting the dots and moving forward.

    Thanks for your brilliant insight :-)