Reply To: Problems trying to focus in an state of mind rather than an event

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Gillian… those beliefs I listed are limiting beliefs, correct?

    With PSTEC Positive (PP) and PP Extra Power; you take a limiting belief (meaning a belief that states the opposite of your desire or intention) and you craft a belief or statement, basically, the opposite of that belief, or, a statement that conveys/suggests to the subconscious what you truly wish or desire.  You are making these suggestions to the subconscious so that your conscious intention and subconscious “program” are in sync… are harmonious… or at least more harmonious … and then you will find yourself struggling less… or not at all.

    For example… Let's take this one from the above post…

    “I don't seek or make friends”

    You would craft something like this to use with PP…

    “I love to easily make friends”
    “When I meet new people I am comfortable and at ease”
    “when I meet new people I start conversations easily”

    You see?

    You may use one sentence or even more than one to convey the thoughts or beliefs… it just depends upon how strong the limiting belief is, your individual mind model makeup and also the complexity of the desire.