Reply To: Help me to fix my life!

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi woodman…

    One aspect of developing or allowing a new mind model (how we perceive the world) is about how we define not only the world itself and the various parts that make it up but, more importantly, how we define or view ourselves.

    If you see yourself as approachable, open, transparent (not just in some ways, but in ALL ways), caring and you love others for the Truth of who and what they are; then you will have no problem connecting with anyone in a moment's notice.

    It's about definitions when it comes down to it.  For example, I used the word “connecting” with someone and I have an idea in my mind model what that means.

    Begin with what you desire… what does it mean …
    “I just want to get closer to women”

    How do you envision that?

    Take that vision and expand it… what are the details of it… the feelings that go along with it.  How do people react to you… how do you respond.  You see?  Almost a rehearsal.

    Take this PSTEC Interview as an example … great example of how she overcame her social anxiety.  You will see her fashion a vision of what she desires … she then clears the emotions with the Basic Click Tracks … then experiments and tries out her desire … she discovers some more emotional barriers and clears those… then, uses PSTEC Positive on beliefs that support her vision or desires…

    Notice that Meghan, in her PSTEC Positive work, used the tracks to help impress upon her subconscious how she wanted to respond in those situations but also how she wanted others to respond to her.  I believe she said that it was as if what she desired was written on her forehead and they were complying with her wishes (something like that).

    Keep this simple…
    Craft a vision in your mind of your desire.
    Clear emotions that come up when you imagine your vision. (Click Tracks)
    Use PSTEC Positive to suggest beliefs that support your vision … new beliefs that are the opposite of other limiting beliefs that come up.

    Remember to get out there and experiment when you shift your mind model, as Meghan did, to see what else you can clear away from the path to your vision or desires.