Reply To: EEFs vs. PSTEC NEgative

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi leslie… well, not chronological per se, but I would go with the Free Basic Package first, in terms of learning how to use PSTEC, then the Level 1 package because of the tutorials, EEF's and PSTEC Positive (PP) tracks.  That will give you a better foundational understanding of how to use PSTEC.

    As far as PP and PSTEC Negative (PN) … they work together, not a choice of one over the other.  Can you use them separately, one without the other?
    Sure… BUT, why?

    If I erase the negative belief and then suggest the positive belief, then won't I be much more effective than just doing one or the other?

    Your example…

    underlying thought process is that:
    I won't be able to handle a higher level of responsibility
    I will make a mistake and get fired.

    There are two thoughts there and there may be another at the root of that, but let's go with this for your example…

    Note: Let's just use this as an example, but your specifics may be different based upon some delving we would do, but, again, let's just use this example:

    1. Address the emotions as you suggested, sure… always begin by clearing the way a bit by neutralizing emotions…

    While using the CC on past situation, if any, in which you failed to handle responsibility, made a mistake, had an unfair and judgmental boss, got fired, etc…

    Also, consider imagining being in that new position… how do you feel?  any negative feelings, i.e. fear, anger, anxiety, etc? CT those feelings to 0-1.

    2. Once emotions are low, look to erase negative beliefs, like the ones in your email that I split in two:

    I won't be able to handle a higher level of responsibility
    I will make a mistake and get fired.

    Do them separately and BE SURE to follow the User's Guide on the wording for those.

    Again, you may have a more “core” belief in the way… finding that and running that with PN will help.

    3. You would then follow up with PP in the direction you desire…

    “I can easily handle a higher level of responsibility”
    “When problems arise I see opportunities and solutions”

    You see?

    Even if we create “mistakes” or other mistakes are present, it's not that we get fired for the mistakes.  It's that we have no solutions.  When one creates value, solves problems, facilitates a process with more ease and less cost; those types of people are valuable and rarely get fired.  In those odd instances… I have been there and also seen them … where someone valuable gets fired, they are snatched up quickly and, most often, end up in a better position anyway.

    …do you PP the belief that you are responsible, thoughtful and receive support and guidance from others?
    …or do you PN the belief that you are NOT responsible, are careless and people don't care about you.

    Basically yes.

    … or do you do both and does the order matter?

    Absolutely it matters!
    You want to clear the way for your new and desired suggestion or belief that you make with PP.

    In the past you cleared the way using the CT's on emotions, but the old beliefs might remain.  NOW, you can also clear the old beliefs away as well making a more smooth and clear landing for your intended PSTEC Positive Sentences!

    The sequence for PN is in the User Guide… please … PLEASE… read that several times and hold it dear.  :)