Reply To: EEFs vs. PSTEC NEgative

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Rebecca…

    On your example…

    “If I say, “It is my belief that I don't deserve to have money,” what would be some positive examples I could use to counter that? Like “I am prosperous”?

    1. First, look to the emotional issues surrounding this and handle those with the Click Tracks (CT)… get them down to 0-1
    2.Then, handle the negative belief you listed above with PN.
    3. Lastly, you can use PP for any desire you wish, so, as you said, “I am prosperous” can be used, but when it comes to manifesting desires, it will be more effective to also use PP in a more specific way for your desires.

    It's not so much that you are “countering” the old, negative belief, but that you are paving the way to be able to suggest just about anything you desire in terms of beliefs to support your goals/targets/desires/visions.

    You see?

    For PN …

    “And should I say specifically that I don't deserve money/prosperity or just that I feel I “don't deserve”?”

    You address the negative beliefs that arise to your consciousness.  If you feel you don't deserve money, health, ideal relationships, etc.  It will probably be best to address each of those separately unless you find a more “core” belief that is the root of all of them.  But, if not, go with addressing each one.

    It's true, taking the shortest path is most desirable, but do not sacrifice what needs to be done just for the sake of being fast.  In other words, if you have several negative beliefs that arise, address them rather than finding a way to “bundle them all” because you want to be done.  Make sense?

    my mother used to say “you should be ashamed of yourself,” so if I say, “It is my belief that I should be ashamed, ” would I use positive statements, like “I am confident and proud”? I'm just a tad confused on these positive statements.

    Again, use Positive Statements that articulate or support and describe what you desire.  If you are a bit “fuzzy” on PSTEC Positive Statements, the best resource for that is PSTEC Positive Secrets!!  In fact, to me, once you are familiar with the Basic Click Tracks and PSTEC Positive; PSTEC Positive Secrets is a must… an Essential!

    Ask yourself, 'Why do I want to be confident and proud?'

    If you say, for example, I want to become promoted at my work.
    Ah, then begin to craft a vision of that and, yes, you can use statements like, “I am confident”; but you also want to craft Positive Statements for your PP work that represent more specific desires, such as… (for this example)…

    “When I am at work I feel confident”
    … and other statements that “support” what you want to see manifested in your Life Experience.

    Get a vision of what you desire in your life and if you are not sure how to do that, consider the step-by-step approach of Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC.