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Jeff Harding
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    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
    Hey, I'm not blonde, but losing it instead… do I qualify for the club?!!

    Tear or Burn?
    Lisa, tearing up is ideal because you don't just visualize tearing it up, you actually tear it up… rip it until it's incomprehensible.  Burning would not be as convenient and I don't want to hear about Lisa's house going up in flames while doing PSTEC.  :)

    PSTEC Positive Follow Up to PSTEC Negative
    Lisa, you don't necessarily have to use PSTEC Positive (PP) after using PSTEC Negative (PN), but it's ideal in terms of “tipping that scale” to the side of “I Can” and unlimited possibility thinking.  When I work with individuals, I use PP just about every time after PN.

    So, like Leslie said (great suggestion Leslie… right on!!), following up is ideal.

    As for disorientation, it can be a bit scrambled because there is a “foundational” piece of the old mind model now taken out.  So, the subconscious must re-calibrate the mind model… your perceptions.  But, if you sit quietly (so, yes, probably not a good idea in the middle of work  ;) ) with the new found feelings about the old thought/belief… see how you feel.  Most times, feel the new found peace about the issue.  Revel in it because that transcendence … at that moment of contrast from the old to the new … you will not experience that again on that issue as you move forward into the new mind model of more and more unlimited possibilities.

    Headphones are recommended these days because most people use a phone, mp3 player, laptop or tablet and for the most part those devices have built-in, sub-standard speakers; so headphones will be ideal.

    If you have a computer hooked up to external, upgraded speakers, then those work well. But, if you are not sure if the speakers are good enough, again, use headphones.

    Malama Pono to all the blondes out there… and everyone else, of course!