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    You are more than welcome to join our club even though your not blonde.
    Thank you for all your helpful info. I read the instructions (I guess I should have done that first) so that did help. I understand now about the tearing instead of burning and no I don't want to burn anything down especially while in that state cause I sure could see it happening.
    I take it you live in Hawaii I lived there for 3 years on Oahu I miss it so much my body craves the land and the water. I wish I would have never left.
    Mahalo for all your help and I am going to post my results on the link you gave me in the other message. Anything to help others and I have never found anything that works this quick. Even when I first was crying and looking through some audios something told me to click the PSTEC audio even though had never listened to it before. I didn't click on the instructions first because I'm a (I need relief now I'll do instructions later kinda person) the first click beats I heard automatically changed my state. I stopped the audio then and said maybe I should listen to the instructions first but my state had already changed from just 30 seconds of hearing the clicks with out even doing the tapping.  I had stopped crying then went on to continue to listen and all I could do was laugh when asked to remember my state. I was like what in the world is going on but I didn't care all I knew was it worked and instead of crying I was now laughing. This happened after listening to the instructions and adding the tapping.